CEDAR HILL Volunteers worked Saturday to make a final resting place for hundreds of North Texas pets even more worth saving.

We've told you about the Pet Memorial Park in Cedar Hill before. It's in danger of closing over unpaid taxes.

Families have buried pets at the cemetery for decades, but in recent years, it has fallen into disrepair.

So on Saturday, volunteers spent the afternoon cleaning it up. They have formed a group they hope can eventually take over the property.

Some of the headstones... we couldn't even see them, said Theresa Brandon, chair of the volunteer group.

She and others battled a cold wind to clear out tree limbs, leaves and other debris. But upkeep is just one challenge; the owners of the property are seven years behind on their taxes.

It's being sequestered by Dallas County due to back taxes, so this organization is actually trying to raise the funds and purchase the property and maintain ownership of it in perpetuity, so no one has to bury their pet a second time, Brandon said.

The county has another idea: To auction the property to the highest bidder for possible redevelopment.

Theresa Brandon paid hundreds of dollars to bury her three dogs Rusty, Corvette and Benny Jet honoring them with headstones.

Many concerned citizens who are also animal lovers pitched in to help, upset about Texas having no law to protect pet cemeteries.

This would be absolutely devastating for somebody to come in and put buildings on this or concrete it, because it would just be wrong, said Lynn Cherry. It would be no different than if you went to a human cemetery. It would just be wrong. So everybody is out here trying to save it, work hard and clean up so it stays here forever for everybody who wanted it from the 1940s.

An old cemetery being spruced up after seven decades as pet owners take pride and hope time is on their side to save the memorial park for their deceased pets.


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