FRISCO - Stage 3 water restrictions began this week for the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD), meaning residents can only water with sprinklers twice a month. That has raised some concerns about how the restrictions will be enforced.

In Frisco, homeowners can face fees and fines for violating the restrictions, but some are finding not following them can be costly in other ways.

After the city told Rose Colarossi she violated the new restrictions Tuesday, her annoyance gave way to relief when an inspector found how much wasted water is costing her.

And had it not been for the service, we would not have known we had sprinkler heads missing and we also would not have known how much water was going into our pool, Colarossi said. We now have realized that we have a huge leak.

She found a sign in her yards that read, Sprinkler System Disconnected, and found the city had done just that.

Frisco, like other NTMWD cities, enforces Stage 3, which calls for a 10 percent cut in water use. Violators get a visit from inspectors, like Micah West. But homeowners can also call for a free inspection just to troubleshoot.

A lot of times they have no idea if they have a problem or not, West said. So we just let them know so they can get an inspector out here, or a licensed repair service to repair the problem.

That's what homeowner Helen Henson did.

It is scary, it's very scary just to drive around and look at how the lakes have gone down, Henson said.

The city says water saved now can mean having water in a year.

It will probably be at least 13 months, we anticipate the possibility of Stage 4 next spring, said Gary Hartwell with Frisco Public Works. And without any corrective actions, we could be out of water by next fall.


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