FRISCO Kelan Lawson has cerebral palsy, but that doesn't define him.

The 11-year-old boy managed to wow a crowd of 5,000 in Frisco, and his message has now spread worldwide.

Never give up; always believe in yourself, even if no one else does, he said. Go beyond the sky.

Beyond the sky, he reached for the stars with his humor in tow while talking in front of a convocation of Frisco Independent School District teachers in August.

It may shock you, I don't have the quickest legs on campus, but I sure do have the quickest mouth, Kelan told the teachers.

His message that day hit the Internet circuit, reaching far beyond Frisco.

We've had comments from all over as far away as Budapest to Michigan, said Jodi Lawson, Kelan's mother. It's really been incredible.

At Curtsinger Elementary, Kelan's fellow students take care of him, helping with his scooter and carrying his books. It's those same kids Kelan coaches on the football field, thanks to advice from his mom and dad.

You may not be able to do it like everybody else, but you can still do it, said Ryan Lawson, Kelan's father.

Limitations are just excuses not to try, his mother added.

So, for one play, Kelan hung up his whistle in exchange for a helmet. He got on the field for what would become his first touchdown.

His love of football has driven his dream of one day becoming a coach.

I want to coach at SMU, he said. We have an amazing coach, June Jones. He has gotten us to two Bowls in a row.

Well, Kelan, like you said, never set limitations. WFAA called SMU to see if Jones would let the young boy coach by his side at a future home game. Without hesitation, Jones agreed surprising Kelan as he watched the story broadcast.

But Kelan had a surprise, too. He showed WFAA just how hard he has been working to walk independently, taking steps on his own for the first time.

It started out as one step, then two, his father said. Then we were stuck on two for a while. Now, we're on five to six... sometimes eight.

There is an outstanding journey coming up, Kelan said.

I feel very blessed to be along for the ride, his mom added.


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