ARLINGTON There are about 300 suites at Cowboys Stadium. The biggest and best went for close to half a million dollars annually.

Then came the recession, and dozens of suite leaseholders quit paying.

Sometimes a suite expense can t be high on your list of expenses, so when money gets tight it s one of the first things people quite paying for, said Levi McCathern, a lawyer representing Cowboys Stadium.

To date, 31 lawsuits have been filed against Cowboys Stadium suite leaseholders who quit making their payments. About three-quarters have been, according to McCathern, resolved satisfactorily.

McCathern estimates another dozen or so leaseholders worked out solutions with the Cowboys outside of court.

McCathern says most people have tried to work out agreements. One of the most important goals was, if possible, let's keep these folks Cowboys fans when this litigation is over, he said. I think every person we ve settled with, we ve been able to place them out in the stadium somewhere.

About a dozen of the cases remain active. Trial dates have been set for suite lease lawsuits involving:

  • Teaco Energy of New Mexico
  • T-COMM of Addison
  • Burton Construction of Sugar Land
  • Rank Entertainment of Mansfield
  • LP Investments of Grapevine

LP Investments also filed a counter-suit against the Cowboys. All deny the stadium's claims in court filings.

McCathern estimates there are still another dozen or so suiteholders the Cowboys are still trying to work with before taking them to court.


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