KELLER Launi Walker has four boys. Mornings at their house resemble Grand Central Station.

So when she learned Monday night that she will likely have to pay hundreds of dollars to bus her kids to school in the Keller ISD, there were no easy answers.

Walker predicts that two of her sons will need to ride the bus this fall. Under a proposal unveiled Monday, she would have to pay $640 a year for the privilege.

For some parents, however, that's just not not an option.

What are we supposed to do as a parent? one asked.

Families would pay $185 for the first child to ride the bus and $135 for each sibling for each semester of school.

Families with children on free or reduced lunches would still pay $100 a semester per child.

Keller School board members expressed empathy for parents, but agreed Monday night taht the plan should move forward.

Launi Walker doesn't blame the trustees; she is instead angry at the voters who recently refused to approve an increase in property taxes to help fund Keller schools.

When communities don't support additional funding, cuts have to be made, said Superintendent James Veitenheimer.

The board signaled to staff that they should move forward with the pay-to-ride plan, but it could still be changed.

With the school year fast approaching, however, any last-minute solutions would have to come quickly.


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