Q: Shelly, You were ill tonight during the news, are you expecting again?
A: Not that I know of! I got sick during the newscast for the first time in my career. It was a long night, a nasty virus.

Q: My question is how do you decide when to include opposing points of view in a report? Are these pieces 'reports' or 'stories' in your mind? A story has a point of view unless you are Falkner, so stories are always biased.
A: We always use both sides, we have to, otherwise the story doesn't air. There are times one side won't comment, but as long as they were given the chance to speak up, we can normally run with it. But, I think there are stories you tell, that are not controversial, in which point, you're trying to write a beautiful piece where people can escape in the words and pictures. Stories like that come from you central character's point of view.

Q: First of all your awesome and thank you for being you. My question is how old are you Mrs. Slater.
A: Ah, the age question. I said I'd answer anything. I am 31.

Q: How short is to short for a skirt? What rule of thumb do you go by when picking out a skirt? I often see woman on other channels that wear sometimes more provocative clothing and just wondered if the station have a dress code that you must go by regarding skirt length and dress code? thanks shelly!!
A: We don't have a dress code, but we are required to use common sense! I try to make sure my skirts, or dresses reach right to my knee. We are not in the fashion business, we're in the news business.

Q: Lately some of the female anchors and reporters have been wearing sleeveless dresses or tops. When do we get to see male anchors and reporters baring their arms and shoulders? Men wear collared T-shirts for some outdoor reports; will they go to tank tops now? You can tell I think if men wear suits, women should be in blazers or suits too, like you and Gloria do. Thank you.
A: It is hot, so I'm sure the short sleeve trend is for the summer only. I have noticed the same thing, actually. I have a personal rule to cover my shoulders. I do have a few short sleeve suits, but never sleeveless.

Q: My question is probably a bit different from your usual. I am asking you to help me thank a hero in your area. Her name is Lindsay Ward, because of her, my husband will be celebrating his 2 year BMT birthday! She was the only suitable match for him in a registry of 12 million. She is our hero and his angel! She continues to be a hero to many as a nurse in your area.
A: Amazing, send me more information at

Q: I know that Dale usually takes vacation before the football season. After the Mavericks won there was a comment about Dale having surgery. What was it for?
A: I am only sharing this because Dale doesn't care. He had a colonoscopy. He is fine, he just has a month off each summer, since he works 6 day weeks during football season.

Q: You were just talking about your work weeks, and I was wondering after Steve said he worked 26 hours over the past two days. Do you guys have a place you can lie down and take a nap when you have to pull those extra long shifts?
A: Nope. No cots or anything here at the station, I wish! But if the weather is really bad, they will put people who can't drive home in hotels, to ensure everyone's safety.

Q: No real question Shelly...just Happy Birthday to a fellow May 12th birthday gal !!
A: Back at ya!

Q: Why don't you have the bio for the new morning guy on your website yet?
A: Hmmm, let me check. Ron is great. We should share all his info!

Q: How do you determine which location you will shoot the newscast? I noticed at Victory Park the noise can be quite overwhelming depending on the event.
A: We do rotate studios. If there is an event, like a concert or game, we are always at Victory Park. If there is a weather issue, or technical issue, we always stay at Young Street. We are mostly at Victory Park for the 10pm. The 5pm and 6pm are always at Victory Park, with few exceptions.

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