Do you have some old games and movies that are gathering dust? You can actually make some money off them. Laura Thornquist is here with our Insider Savings tips.

There are probably a lot of dirty grills after this long holiday weekend, so here's a freebie that can get them clean. All you have to do is like ACE hardware on Facebook, click on Ace Offers and print a coupon for a free grill brush with a $20 purchase. Act fast though, the coupon is valid through Tuesday only.

So, what do we do with all those old electronics and games we don't want or need anymore? Did you know you can trade them in and be rewarded with a gift card.

For example, Wal-Mart allows you to trade in anything from movies and video games to computers for prepaid Visa cards. Best Buy has a similar program, and there is even an in-store program for items purchased from the store.

You can get Target gift cards for trading in old electronics, same goes with Toys R Us and Amazon.

We all know how are kids grow out of games and electronics quickly. It might be worth a try and more profitable than your next garage sale.

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