DALLAS Dallas Zoo workers spent hours this weekend on a desperate search for two exotic birds.

The blue-throated macaws had last been seen while performing in the zoo's free-flight bird show on Friday morning. They took a wrong turn and were missing for nearly two full days.

But at around sunrise on Sunday morning, the zoo's deputy director Sean Greene said someone called to say the fugitive birds had been spotted in a tree at West 8th Street and North Adams Avenue, a little less than a mile away.

Trainers quickly retrieved the birds, now safe again.

Zoo workers had been posted in the neighborhood and spotters were even keeping watch from high-rise buildings after the macaws took off during a presentation of SOAR, A Festival of Flight at the zoo's new Wildlife Amphitheater.

The birds are trained to fly around the crowds and then return to their trainers.

Trainers speculated that the wind knocked the birds off-course and they got lost.

They're very familiar with our zoo, and they loop a lot during our shows and just eat up the sky, said bird trainer Lindsey Morse before the birds were found. The wind just got a little bit carried away and took them a little father than expected.

The Florida company that trains the birds which also stages the popular Birds of the World show at the State Fair of Texas said it has never before had anything like this happen.

The missing macaws were easy to spot. They are about 33 inches long with vivid turquoise wings and tail, a splash of bright yellow on their chest. The blue-throated macaw is nearly extinct in the wild.


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