FORT WORTH, TX - For the next few days, the front yard of Angelo and Terry Moreno of Houston will be afenced in area just outside of turn three at Texas Motor Speedway. Flamingo's and lighted palm trees line their fence. They're NASCAR fans camping out and waiting for the races to begin this weekend.

It's something we look forward to, says Angelo Moreno of Houston. We plan our vacations around it.

What the Moreno family and thousands of other NASCAR fans are looking forward to seeing is if Kevin Harvick can extend his winning streak

Nine days ago Harvick won the Sprint Cup race in Fontana, California. He passed Jimmie Johnson on the final lap for the win.

We knew our cars could win races, Harvick said after the race. We just didn't have all the circumstances go right.

On Sunday, all the circumstances went right again and just like the previous week, Harvick made a late pass in Martinsville to win again. This time he passed Dale Earnhardt Jr for the win.

Another character building day, Harvick said in victory lane. I don't know how many character building days we can have.

Harvick has had success at Texas Motor Speedway, just not in the Sprint Cup series. He's been to victory lane on four different occasions, all in the Nationwide series. When it comes to the Sprint Cup series, he's never finished higher than third.

I'm always busting his chops saying you know we do a victory lane after the Cup race too, says Texas Motor Speedway President Eddie Gossage. He's found his way in there after the Nationwide races.He's owned some trucks that have won, but he's never been able to do in a Cup race. This could be the time that he does it. I'm going to tell you, then it would be a real celebration in victory lane.

It's been a great year for everyone to get to know each other because we've had to overcome so many things, Harvick says. Last year we learned we could race for a championship and this year we've carried that over into the start of the season.

Harvick was third in the championship last year. This year he's in fifth and right now, he's on a hot streak few drivers ever get to experience.
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