DALLAS - A 20-minute audio recording released Wednesday by the Dallas Police Department gave more insight into an incident that ultimately led Mayor Dwaine Caraway to head to court.

On January 2, Caraway called Dallas Police Chief David Brown while hiding from his now estranged wife in a locked game room in what he called a dangerous situation.

Caraway attempted to keep the recording made by police during a response to the call private by going to court. His plea to a judge was denied, and the audio was released early Wednesday morning.

In a written police report made on the day of the altercation, Caraway said hiswife, Sen. Barbara Mallory Caraway, was baking when she started removing aprons that belonged to him, threatening to throw them away. He said he did not want them removed, which spurred an argument.

According to Caraway, his wife became enraged. Caraway said he feared the argument could have escalated, so heretreated to a game room and closed the door.

He told police his wife then put [a knife] through a little crack in the door.

I can't say, okay, he told the officer when asked if he thought she intended to strike him with the knife. I really can't say.

I don't think Barbara has intentions of hurting me; but in the midst of a fit of rage, you never know what may happen, he went on to say.

However, in the interview with police, Caraway indicated that the incident could have become a dangerous situation.

So, to separate myself from her, I stayed down in the game room away from her [and] holding the door, he said in the recorded audio with police. She was kicking the door; she's doing every [expletive] thing under the sun.

The audio recording was from an interview conducted in an unmarked officer's car while they sat in front of the mayor's home.

Caraway told the officer that he thinks his wife has a chemical imbalance.

The mayor said he called Brown to ensure the incident didn't escalate.

I mean, I could've walked out of there, he said. If I had walked out of there, I would have walked out of there with a chair and I would have been swinging and protecting myself, okay? But, I did not want it to escalate to that level.

Caraway said they had fought in the past, but nothing to the extent of what happened on January 2.

She's just the smartest person in the world, he said. And when she gets set off, everybody just get out of the way.

Rep. Caraway is in Austin as the legislature is in session. She has not commented on the tape.

Some citizens have complained of Caraway's attempt to suppress the audio in court as a waste of taxpayers' money.

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