If you haven't seen these pictures yet, you're missing out.

Aaron Rodgers is a serial photobomber -- he's one of those guys who likes to get in the background of other people's pictures. Over the last few years, Rodgers made it a point to put himself in the background just as the Packers team captains are having their pictures taken before the coin toss. We have a link, and the first few are pretty benign -- Rodgers just standing in their shot. But as time went on and no one called him on it, he started goofing around a little more. One of my favorites is when he's holding two paper cups over his eyes, like binoculars. Another good one is when Rodgers himself is a team captain, and two of his teammates are photoboming him. Great stuff.

Check out the photos if you haven't seen them yet. It's another reason to pull for Rodgers in the Super Bowl over the other guy ... and if you happen to see me out and about I'll be happy to tell you what I really think about that other guy.

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