HIGHLAND PARK, TX - Across from the high school football stadium in Highland Park sits a indoor practice facility that may get to host a special guest.

Girls from the junior varsity soccer team aren't totally sure who's coming to town, but they know it's big.

It's the Packers and Bears, no the Bears aren't playing, Packers and Bears, no it's the Steelers and the Packers, they all argued.

The reason everyone is so excited on this campus is that the NFL has picked this facility as a potential workout location for the NFC Champion Green Bay Packers. It's their contribution to Super Bowl week and they're proud of it.

Oh yeah, highland park hosting an NFL team to workout is a great thrill yeah, says Highland Park head football coach Randy Allen. That's a big recognition.

The NFC team was supposed to work out at Valley Ranch but that changed when the Cowboys indoor practice facility collapsed in May of 2009.

So while Highland Park is hosting soccer practice this week, next week if the weather gets bad, it'll be home to the Packers.

The whole community is excited about, says Highland Park JV soccer coach Tom Pollock. I think we can give up our space for a little bit of time to let Aaron and the guys come in and get their work done, sure.

Highland Park paid for this facility and we like to use it as much as we can, says Highland Park nose guard Bradfield Biggers. If we can help out the Packers, I'm a big Packers fan.

It's a very new facility and it's like an honor that we can share with them, a high school team and a pro team, says Highland Park defensive lineman Clay Crews.

If the Packers do practice here, it still doesn't guarantee anyone a ticket to the game.

Well I asked them about it, but they said there was no ticket involved in this deal, says Allen

Green Bay's workout schedule hasn't been finalized yet but everyone here is hoping the Packers will use this facility at least once.
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