My vote for Texan of the Year is Greg Hall.

The 1982 graduate of Texas A&M University was instrumental in helping rescue the 33 Chilean miners trapped for more than two months out of their would-be tomb.

Hall -- who lives in the Houston area and owns a drilling supply company -- has spent 25 years working in Chile and offered his company's expertise to help in the rescue effort.

After wracking his brain during many sleepless nights, he helped devise what's known as 'Plan B' because it was second of three considered by the Chilean government.

His drilling plan created the 28-inch hole that the miners were hoisted out of back in October.

With the whole world watching, his company, Driller Supply International, served as the general contractor for the delicate rescue.

The 50-year-old Hill says accomplishing a feat many said was impossible, makes him proud. But during the rescue mission he was trying to keep his emotions in check.

After 33 days of drilling, Hall and his team beat its estimated completion time of six weeks.

Greg Hall has made all of Texas proud and because of this he gets my vote as Texan of the year.

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