Kasey Cook, a graduate of Colleyville Heritage High School, stood out on campus but didn't want to be in the spotlight.

Kasey is a great kid; he was a popular around here, said Assistant Principal Susan Foster. He was best known for playing basketball ... he wasn't a kid that wanted attention.

But he has it now.

Cook, now a 20-year-old Oklahoma State University junior, was shot by a robber Monday night at his home a block away from the Stillwater campus.

Police said Cook arrived at his house and found the armed man trying to steal his backpack.

Seconds after the shooting, according to the university's newspaper, The Daily O'Collegian, Cook updated his Facebook page on the way to the hospital.

Just got shot in my leg!!!! Ouch it stings!!! In the ambulance on the way to the ER.

That message gave his former administrators at Colleyville Heritage more than just a laugh.... they were relieved.

At least he's going to be okay, and it wasn't anything that would harm him for life, Foster said.

The shooting incident remains under investigation. There have been no arrests.


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