George Riba just did a story on Jordan for last night's newscast, and you can see it here. I was out at the Nelson today, and Jordan was part of the opening ceremonies, which includedTom Watson and Peggy Nelson.

I am so fascinated by this story, and the idea that a 16-year-old kid is going to compete with professional golfers. As talented as Jordan is, it's hard to imagine him making the cut in a field make up entirely of guys who play golf for a living. So I asked Jordan when I saw him, what he realistically thinks he can do this weekend. He understands that his chances are slim. But he also said that golf is a weird sport, and players can get hot -- if he lips in a couple of putts that could get him going.His tone was not one of I'm just happy to be here. I think he wants to give it his best shot, and then see how it measures up with these guys.

What's so interesting is that here's a kid who is wildly successful as an up-and-coming young golfer. Anytime he tees it up in a tournament, he has a chance to win, and he knows it. So you balance that against the fact that - this week - he's a 16-year-old kid playing against a field of professionals -- many of whom have been on the tour longer thanJordan's been alive. He's basically teeing it up this weekend with absolutely no chance of winning (which I'm sure he's not thinking).

I'll be watching Jordan's progress this weekend, and pulling for him to do something special.

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