DALLAS Dallas may not have a beach, but now the Dallas Museum of Art might has the next best thing.

Coastlines: Images of Land and Sea is the new exhibit at the museum, which features 66 works of art that showcase coastal landscapes.

Sensations like the reflection of water, the surface of sand that are the same no matter where you are, said Heather MacDonald, the DMA's associate curator of European art. There is a sense of continuity, a recognition, a familiarity no matter where you visit the coast.

Yasuo Kuniyoshi, a Japanese-American painter, goes modernist for Bather With Cigarette, which he created in 1924. While it is modest by our standards, back in 1924, the woman at the center of the piece was quite daring in her red knit bathing suit.

The DMA also added a soundtrack to accompany some of the pieces. Students from the University of Texas Dallas and France layered coastal sounds and original music to enhance the experience. But, you have to stand at the right spot to get the full sound of the birds and waves breaking.

German abstract artist Hans Hoffman painted his favorite coastline off Cape Cod for Pamet Road, Wellfleet.

It was a landscape he knew and loved very much, MacDonald said. It is an abstract response and interpretation of that landscape.

Andre Kertesz, an American photographer, plays upon the fact that we are all infatuated with the horizon, especially the coast for Martinique, which captures a mysterious silhouette facing the view.

Coastlines runs from April 25 through August 22.


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