FORT WORTH The two juveniles who were arrested Saturday in connection with the murder of high school honor student Eric Forrester appeared in court on Monday.

Clifton Elliot and Robert Patterson both 16 years old were in the courtroom along with their parents, but cameras were not allowed.

Elliot is an honor roll student and basketball player at South Hills High School, just a few miles away from Southwest High School, which Forrester attended.

Students and parents at South Hills were reeling after learning about the allegations.

I've never know Clifton to do anything like this, said family friend Shemeka Johnson. He's a good little boy; star player on the South Hills [basketball team]. This is just unbelievable. I still don't believe it.

I know him as a friend, added teammate Terrance Cooper. He's a good person, A-B honor roll student. This doesn't sound like something he would do.

No additional information about Patterson was available.

According to court documents, Forrester had arrived at his family's residence last Monday to have lunch with his sister when she saw something inside the house, screamed, and ran away.

When Forrester went inside to check, he was shot in the head. He died the next day.

The documents said Elliot's fingerprints were found inside the Forrester residence on a docking station that was used with one of three stolen laptop computers.

When Elliot was arrested, court documents said he confessed to taking part in the burglary, but he denied killing Forrester.

Elliot identified Robert Patterson as the gunman, according to the documents.

Late Monday afternoon, Fort Worth police said they had recovered all three stolen computers. They also said they served several search warrants to collect additional evidence tying the arrested teens to the crime.

If the 16-year-olds have previous records, they are sealed unless the district attorney decides to certify the the suspects as adults.

We give greater weight to crimes with persons being injured or killed, obviously, said Tarrant County District Attorney Josh Ross.

News 8 talked briefly with Elliot's father on Sunday. He would only say his son's life was on the line because of a bad decision.


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