With July 4th coming up this weekend, American flags can be seen on homes across North Texas. But, in one North Dallas neighborhood near Spring Valley and Preston Roads, someone is burning flags.

Ed Jordan said he put out his American flag over the weekend. On Monday, he said he didn't see it on display and immediately knew something was wrong.

"It was just kind of shocking to find that someone would have the audacity to come up on to private property and set a flag on fire," he said. "It was just like, 'No, this can't be happening.'"

All that remained where his flag was once displayed were ashes on the ground, a charred shrub and a few patches of scorched fabric.

Jordan, an ex-Marine, said his Marine Corps flag also hung from the pole.

"It was very hurtful that someone would do that, you know, anytime someone burns the American flag," he said. "And, I've never understood that."

Whoever burned Jordan's flag apparently didn't stop there.The flag on a home just down the street also went up in flames. Celeste Mele lives there and said she flies her American flag year round. Mele said the flag holds a special meaning for her since she was born on June 14, Flag Day.

"[I'm] really, really angry," she said."[I'm] angry because it's the American flag, and also angry because it could have burned our houses down."

Mele said she doesn't know who would want to burn her flag.

Police have no suspects, but if there is an arrest the charge will be arson.

Both Mele and Jordan said they plan on replacing their flags.

"We always fly the flag," Mele said.

"They won't break my spirit by doing that," Jordan said."I'll get a new flagpole, too."


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