FRISCO Flames tore through a Frisco duplex Saturday afternoon, leaving two men with burn injuries.

Frisco firefighters say the fire broke out around 12:30 p.m. The charred remains of what once was a home are now painful reminders of a cooking accident.

'As soon as I walked out, I saw flames going up,' said Brenda Zavala. 'I see smoke coming out and I was just like, 'Oh my God.''

Investigators say the duplex in the 9800 block of Camfield Avenue burst into flames after a pan ignited. Someone was heating oil on the stove during lunchtime.

'The smoke was out of control,' Savala said.

She lives across the street and rushed to the rescue.

'She had the kid,' she said of one of the victims. 'The little infant [was] in her hands and she was just screaming.'

A mother ran out of the burning home with her children unharmed, but firefighters said her husband and his uncle were not as lucky.

They tried putting out the fire themselves and were rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas with burns. The extent of their injuries remains unknown.

The flames which broke out in one unit started spreading.

'I'm mostly likely not going to be staying there for some time because of the damage,' explained Amanda Hawkins who lives in the unit next door.

She wasn't at home at the time of the fire, but her dogs were.

'The dogs are her babies so it's a big deal,' explained her mother Mary Martin. 'It's a big deal.'

Thankfully crews busted down Hawkins' door and saved them.

'I don't know that a lot of places would go to the lengths that they did just to save the dogs,' said Martin.

Even though severe smoke damage is forcing her daughter out, Good Samaritans are stepping in and showing they care.

'It takes the whole community to take care of people,' said Ulyesse Bourque with the American Red Cross. 'Not just us, but the whole community.'


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