ARLINGTON - The Patriot Guard joined forced with the Arlington Police Department and the Texas Department of Transportation Thursday to remind drivers to look twice for motorcycles.

'You can't help but worry. We've all lost friends, we've had Patriot Guard Riders go down,' said Mike Lambert with the Patriot Guard Riders of Texas.

Lambert says his riders understand the responsibility that comes with motorcycles, but should they forget, unfortunately, they are constantly reminded.

Back in March of this year, 27-year police veteran David Myers died in a crash while riding just south of his Waxahachie home. The Senior Corporal was an experienced rider.

'You hate to see someone who has a dedicated life of serving others to get killed,' Lambert said.

The Patriot Guard and Arlington police are hoping that a show of numbers will help bring motorcycle fatalities down. Their motorcade left Fort Worth Police Headquarters and traveled about 15 miles to AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

It was a short ride to mark the end of TxDOT's month-long 'Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles' campaign.

According to TxDOT statistics, crashes killed 494 motorcyclists in Texas in 2013. That is up from 470 motorcycle-related deaths in 2012. TxDOT reports a five percent yearly increase in motorcycle crash fatalities.

'The major concern for all of us that ride motorcycles is, please pay attention and look before you make your turn. Just look a second time to make sure that there is not a motorcycle there,' said Cpl. Dick Hill with the Arlington Police Department.


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