Two popular North Texas lakes Possum Kingdom and Granbury are currently competing in a liquid tug of war.

Both reservoirs have been hit hard by the ongoing drought. At Possum Kingdom Lake, water levels are 15 feet below where they should be; Lake Granbury is 11 feet lower than normal.

For years now, the Brazos River Authority has taken water from the much larger Possum Kingdom and funneled it as needed into Lake Granbury.

But in the face of this devastating drought, a coalition called Save Lake Granbury has asked the authority to triple the amount of water being drawn from Possum Kingdom.

Granbury City Council member Tony Allen said the community's economy hinges on keeping lake levels high enough for people to enjoy.

'So much of the taxes for our county, city and schools depend on our lake property,' he told News 8.

Not so fast, said Palo Pinto County Judge David Nicklas. Possum Kingdom Lake is located in his county.

'I see no reason for one group to have a distinct advantage over the other,' he said.

So on Monday, county commissioners passed a resolution opposing any increase in water drawn from Possum Kingdom to Granbury. After a massive fire ravaged the area in 2011, Nicklas said Palo Pinto County needs all the help they can get.

Lake levels are 'Absolutely, extremely serious business. Livelihood,' he said.

So what's the reaction from the 'referee' in this dispute, the Brazos River Authority?

'It sounds like two local communities kind of going at it a little bit about who's more important and who deserves water more,' said Matt Phillips, a spokesman for the agency.

He said the authority won't even consider changing procedure or policy unless both sides agree to be part of the discussion. Phillips also said he's never before seen a disagreement of this scale between two entities over water.


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