DALLAS When you get hit by it, a softball isn't so soft.

'When you are driving at 30 miles an hour, it's going to hit you pretty hard,' said Boback Firoozbakht.

He was driving down McKinney Avenue Monday afternoon at rush hour when a spherical surprise came crashing down on his vehicle.

'All of a sudden, I hear a crack... and glass spills inside my car,' Firoozbakht said.

He said he was driving right next to North Dallas High School's athletic fields when the softball struck his car windshield. Firoozbakht said the ball had literally just come off a bat at home plate.

Figuratively, though, it was straight out of left field.

'Never saw it coming,' he said.

Officials with the Dallas Independent School District said its legal department is now trying to iron out who should pay for the shattered windshield. Firoozbakht said it seems clear to him that it's the district's liability. He also wondered what if the hit was just 'strike one?' What if another stray ball flies out of the busy field onto such a busy road or the sidewalks that line it?

And what if someone gets hurt?

Firoozbakht said maybe some netting on top of the fences at the athletic complex would be a good idea.

'You know, just like golf courses do and country clubs you go to,' he said. 'They are responsible and put up a net.'

DISD officials acknowledged that as it reviews what happened Monday, the discussion about putting up a net will likely take place. Firoozbakht said it can't happen fast enough.

'This is McKinney Avenue, so it's pretty busy,' he said.

Even as he was reporting his windshield strike to an officer at the scene, Firoozbakht said another foul fell from the sky almost in the same spot, and just narrowly missing someone else.


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