Bonnie Everest left her husband on Tuesday.

'All these stairs, but I've got to look pretty,' she said, entering her beauty shop.

Bonnie left Andy at home in Arlington, but he's busy, too.

'I'm always doing something,' he said. 'I've got to go to Dallas today for a procedure.'

Funny... they're not together on their 70th wedding anniversary.

It's easy talking football with the man who coached the New Orleans Saints with Bum Phillips, but Andy also has the keys to the game of marriage.

'You just have to have a good understanding of each other... got to work together,' he advised.

It's not that they forgot the 'Seven-year itch' (and that would be OK since it was 64 years ago); it's that they know how to make it work.

'We're still in love and enjoy each other, and occasionally have a little fuss, but nothing serious,' Andy said.

'I love him very much,' Bonnie added. 'Sometimes I don't like him, but I love him... and it grows.'

Bonnie feels a little guilty about this part, but she'll tell you the reason they love each other today is because the kids four of them were always important, but her husband was the most important.

'I feel guilty sometimes, and I took care of them when I needed to, but he was number one,' she said.

Their daughter Kathryn is aware of it.

'If you asked us, all of us knew they put each other first,' she said.

Bonnie and Andy graduated from Odessa High School together. He sold his .410 shotgun for $3 to finance their first date.

'We had hot dogs and hamburgers,' he recalled.

By the way, the classmate Andy sold his shotgun to gave it back not long ago; it's framed in their house.

Bonnie and Andy Everest will celebrate 70 years together this weekend. Both bought a gift for their partner in life, and as it turns out, it was the same thing: A watch.

After seven decades together, they continue to give time to one other.


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