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DALLAS Wet pavement coupled with on-and-off dounpours is not exactly the kind of weather conducive to showcasing good dribbling skills.

But its Angel Taylor's birthday, and rain or shine, she planned to play ball on Sunday.

'I'm gonna run while I'm dribbling the ball', she said.

Angel, like Gabriel Lopez, was determined to dribble through downtown Dallas. Gabriel, who came all the way from Alabama, was expecting sunshine and warmth, but that's not what he found.

'It's cold!' he exclaimed.

Lopez was layered up and soaking wet. The unsafe conditions eventually forced organizers of the Final Four Dribble to cancel the event.

A young dribbler from McKinney showed his displeasure pointing his thumbs down and screaming, 'Waaaah!'

Five-year-old Micah Bienati said he was disappointed that he was unable to prove to everyone he's better than one of his heroes. He said he's better than NBA star Micheal Jordan.

'I'm good,' Michah boasted.

The wind and rain even forced former San Antonio Spurs star and NBA legend David Robinson to get pulled out of the cold. He was supposed to lead the pack of kids dribbling through downtown Dallas.

Instead, he and the large crowd were ushered into the Dallas Convention Center, where it was warm and dry. Robinson hoped his autograph session, inside the NCAA Bracket Town event, put some smiles back on their faces.

'It was a little cold and wet out there, but the kids were all excited,' he said. 'It was nice to see them all gathered together.'


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