RICHLAND HILLS It may not be for everyone, but Sheila Doucet is convinced it's for someone. And she has the Blue Ribbon and Grand Prize to prove it.

Doucet's recipe for a Philly Dilly SPAM Sandwich took top honors at the State Fair of Texas last year, and it recently beat out more than 650 other contestants for the national 2013 Great American SPAM Championship.

'It's funny, but an honor, too,' she told News 8 on Wednesday evening. 'It doesn't take long to make, and you can always do something creative.'

The sandwich is filled with bell peppers, onions, butter, Worcestershire sauce and cheese all layered on French bread (with plenty of SPAM).

'It's a really good sandwich. I had it for breakfast and lunch on Monday,' said Troy Hopson, who has lived with Doucet for years.

Doucet initially entered the competition at the State Fair after her mother and grandmother competed the past few years. But she wasn't expecting to win outright.

As part of the national prize, she is set for a Hawaiian trip in May to attend the annual SPAM Jam, the world's biggest gathering of SPAM lovers.


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