DENTON COUNTY Northwest High School students had the day off Tuesday because of icy conditions.

So, many of them circled in a Haslet living room, clutching one another in grief for a classmate who died on a slick road on Monday evening.

'All we can do is thank you, Lord, for the time we did get with her, because she was a blessing to us all,' one teen prayed.

They found strength to give thanks even with grief so fresh for Katelyn ShyAnn Hooper.

She was just 16, and always just 'ShyAnn.'

Words flowed from wounded hearts as teens prayed out loud.

'We know ShyAnn is right there next to you and smiling down on us right now,' said one student.

ShyAnn was driving home from track practice with her friend Brianna Christensen, also 16.

Department of Public Safety troopers said ice was forming about 5:30 p.m. Monday on FM 156, not far from Northwest High.

According to investigators, an oncoming pickup truck crossed into the students' southbound lane. The 31-year-old woman who was driving the truck was treated and released from the hospital.

Another crash happened on the same road about the same time just a couple of miles away.

'God, we pray for Brianna right now,' said a student. 'She is struggling.'

They said Brianna Christensen had successful surgery Monday at a Fort Worth hospital, where she is listed in serious condition.

ShyAnn played basketball for Northwest, and loved her dog, a big boxer named Chloe.

Her dad said his daughter was in the National Honor Society and trying the discus in track. She was coming home from her first practice, he said.

Tears fell from bowed heads around the circle Tuesday afternoon. More and more students arrived, and squeezed in.

Prayers. Silence. Sobs. Prayers.

They shared photos to show the smile they will miss and the laughter they can still hear.

'I just hope she makes you laugh too, Lord,' said one prayerful teen. 'Just take care of her for us, because we just can't do it.'

The last thing her many friends expected of ShyAnn Hooper is that she would ever make them cry.


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