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LEWISVILLE It's not a baby 38-year-old Sherilyn Hurdle wants to birth, but a basketball-sized ovarian cyst.

'It's making me look like I am nine months' pregnant... and I'm not,' she said.

Her cyst has grown from the size of a golf ball just since October. Hurdle has been advised to get surgery to have the giant cyst removed.

Money is what stands in the way of the potentially life-saving operation.

'No insurance; no money; no Medicaid,' Hurdle said.

News 8 viewers were shocked and outraged that Hurdle who can't work at the moment because of the pain also can't qualify for Medicaid.

She earned about $11,000 last year. According to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Medicaid income limit for an adult without disabilities and with children is $163 a month for a family of two.

She likely would have qualified for assistance had Texas Gov. Rick Perry agreed to the federal government offer to expand Medicaid.

We found out that Sherilyn isn't the only North Texan who thought their circumstances would qualify for help.

By e-mail, Susie Stringer told us she had the exact same size cyst, but called around to many hospitals in 2010 looking for help.

'I applied for help, and they paid for my entire surgery!' she wrote.

On Facebook, Mindy Rowland said she had a remarkably similar situation about a year ago. She said she finally 'contacted my state representative, Jim Pitts, and he fought for me and got [Sen.] John Cornyn involved...' in order to have a 25-pound tumor removed.

'This thing definitely needs to come out, and I don't know what else to do,' Hurdle said.

She is now applying for hospital charity care. A North Texas doctor has agreed to provide pro bono services if he can get the hospital he work at to donate other services. A fund for medical expenses has also been created.

Hurdle says she hopes help comes before the giant cyst growing in her belly ruptures and becomes a life-and-death emergency.


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