FORT WORTH It's the viral video putting Fort Worth in the spotlight.

The images show BMX professional stunt rider Mat Olson pedaling his bike across the six 24-foot arches of the new West 7th Street Bridge in Fort Worth.

The top of the smooth concrete arches is no wider than a sidewalk and has no guardrails.

For observers, the effect was jaw-dropping.

'There was a car that was honking and stopped and she said, 'You're crazy!'' Olson said.

Saturday's risky stunt which Olson admits was illegal had been something he had been contemplating for months...

'It's really fun to do stuff like this,' Olson said with a sly smile.

But his window of opportunity was short.

Olson said the city of Fort Worth has been placing bags of concrete hoisted by wooden and plastic planks to dissuade these types of stunts from happening. So on Saturday afternoon, under sunny skies and perfect wind conditions, he went for it.

'I am an up-and-coming rider, and I want to make a name for myself, and these kinds of stunts don't come around this industry that often,' Olson said.

Fort Worth police, well aware of his stunt, even stopped News 8's interview along the sidewalk of the bridge, and chastised Olson, saying, 'he's a bad influence.'

'You got all these kids thinking they can do the same thing,' warned the Fort Worth officer, who was unwilling to give his name or badge number.

But some observers we spoke to thought differently about the stunt.

'It's impressive, it's very impressive, actually,' Kevin Wellendorf said.

Gaelan Kefaueer agreed. 'It's hard enough for me to ride across the sidewalk, much less that,' he said, pointing up to the 981-foot-long bridge with a 50-foot drop to the ground.

'I don't think the city would be too happy about it, but I would love to do it again!' Olson said.


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