PLANO -- If you've ever doubted parents' love for their children, you should have stopped by Plano ISD headquarters Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Layered in clothes and armed with portable heaters, close to 100 people in the Plano Independent School District camped overnight on one of the coldest night in years.

'I'm either the best dad in the world, or I'm insane, -- one of those,' said Craig Bell, whose son and daughter would both like to transfer to different schools in the fall of 2014.

Parents say this is Plano's policy. Families wanting transfers for the next school year line up in January - first come, first served - to try for a transfer. Doors opened at about 7:30 a.m. Monday.

The line first started Sunday night and grew throughout the next morning.

'I told someone I'm going to hold this over her head forever,' said Heather Smith about her daughter, Carolyn.

The pair spent Sunday night in the cold together. They combined their body heat and determination.

'I want to go to Clark High School,' Carolyn Smith said, 'because that's where most of my friends are going.'

'I mean, I love her, but she's old enough,' said mom, Heather. 'She's almost 14, if she wants to do this, she needs to be part of it.'

And she happily agreed. Carolyn and everyone else here will tell you, the reward is worth it. Even below freezing.

'It's just one night. And it makes for a good story,' Smith said.

The families will start to break down camp and get in a more formal line around 5 a.m.


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