MANSFIELD Grief and disbelief crept into the Mansfield neighborhood where 16-year-old Peyton Barbour lived until he was fatally wounded Christmas Day during a shootout with police.

Two Grand Prairie officers were wounded; one was shot in the hand while the other was shot in the foot. Both officers were released from the hospital Wednesday night.Barbour was shot and killed.

It started with a traffic stop about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police say Barbour fired at the officer, raced away, and later abandoned a stolen car. Police surrounded Barbour after a 10-hour manhunt near Joe Pool Lake about 1.5 miles from the initial traffic stop.

Police say Barbour traded fire with officers and was mortally wounded. His friends say he had troubles, but had no idea he was capable of such violence.

'I heard it was a Mansfield kid, but I would've never thought it was him... Ever,' said friend Trevor Stutsman.

On Thursday evening, friends and family gathered outside of Mansfield Lake Ridge High School.

Tears were flowing and students seemed overcome with grief.

But some admitted Barbour wasn't without past run-ins with the law.

His Twitter account contains multiple drug references. Neighbor Emma Villaire, 15, said Barbour recently served time in juvenile detention for car theft. She said he told her, 'never again. It was the worst experience of my life.'

'He was so funny and so sweet to everybody,' Villaire said. 'There's a ton of people that are probably bawling their eyes out right now.'

The Grand Prairie police said Thursday the 1997 Honda Barbour was driving at the time he was stopped was reported stolen, and the 9mm handgun used by Barbour was reported stolen during a residential burglary.

Tammy King, who witnessed the shootout between Barbour and police outside of her home, captured the gunshots on her cell phone.

She told News 8 only moments before the fatal shots she locked eyes with the teen as he walked right by her driveway.

'I kind of got nervous, pulled in the drive and locked the door,' she said.

On Thursday morning, friends and classmates placed flowers on the hood of Barbour's car outside of his home. They wondered if they could've changed his mind or his actions, if they had just said something.


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