Brrrr! It is cold outside! Since we can't stay inside forever, lifestyle expert Suzie Chase Brown is back with some fun new ideas on how to stay toasty.

Helmet Huggers

Be chic on the slopes with these ski and snowboarding helmet covers...I even put one on a bike helmet! Made on the U.S.A., these spandex covers have faux fur...and are reasonably priced!


And if skiing is in your winter break plans, or if you ride a Harley or just want to keep your face warm...check out Beardski...the waterproof neoprene mask that comes in so many different beard styles!


It's not too late to order the perfect Holiday sweater for your loved one! These are from Skedouche...they're the original 'tacky Christmas sweater' company! You can find sweaters that light up...all while keeping you warm.

Footed Pajamas

If you are staying in on this cold morning...I love these p.j.s from Footed Pajamas! They not only make them for children and adults, you can find matching Footed Pajamas for your fur baby!


Looking for stylish slippers? Cicciabella makes gorgeous, plush slippers in great styles for women and girls. The sturdy rubber sole means you can make quick trips outside... these will be used year-round!

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