DALLAS -- After a board vote Monday night, the superintendent at Prime Prep Academy, Rachel Sanders, is no longer with the school.

The decision comes amid controversy surrounding the school and its administrators. In October, former NFL star and school co-founder, Deion Sanders was fired, rehired, and then fired again. It's unclear if Mr. Sanders (who has no relation to Rachel Sanders) will be brought back, as he had once hoped.

'We want to have very strong programs in all areas,' said executive director Kimberly Carlisle. 'I look forward to talking more with out athletic staff to get an understanding as to what their needs are. Once I understand that, we will make the appropriate assignments.'

Carlisle was hired as the Dallas school's executive director three weeks ago. Currently, she is the focus of allegations of a conflict of interest.

Carlisle's mother owns a company that provided meals for the school, but she said the contract was executed legally. She also said the two sides have agreed to end the contract.

'We don't even want the appearance of impropriety. I think that's true both for that vendor, as well as for the school,' Carlisle said.

It's just the latest controversy to arise at Prime Prep Academy.

Officials with the Texas Education Agency are looking into the school's spending practices with state dollars and visited the campus last week.

Parents hope the turbulence has little effect on their kids.

'With the testing and things going on, there are so many changes that they're making -- it's going to affect the kids more than anything,' said parent Teshonda Jones.

'At the end of the day, we're trying to raise smart, intelligent kids, and we have to have somebody in place that has a passion for children,' said parent Hillary Tendayi.

About 300 kids attend school at Prime Prep Academy in Dallas.

When asked about the future of the school, which has been only been in operation for two years, Carlisle said, 'We are putting ourselves on a good path.'


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