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WACO Watching a high school football playoff game on a Monday was a rare sight.

'It's a little bit different than a Friday or Saturday night game, but, hey we're here,' said DeSoto athletic director Larry Davis.

'I kind of like it just for the fact that they canceled school today so we have half the student body here,' said La Afungia, a student at Euless Trinity.

Waco ISD Stadium is where DeSoto and Euless Trinity decided to move their game. It was originally scheduled to be on Saturday afternoon at four o'clock in Allen. Instead it was played 45 hours later.

DeSoto advanced to the semifinals to face Allen after beating Euless Trinity 48-41.

'We just kept moving south until we found a place that could accommodate this game that didn't have ice on it, because there are a lot of fields that still have ice on it today,' said HEB athletic director Mike Fielder.

A good example: Apogee Stadium in Denton, where Cedar Hill and Denton Ryan were trying to get their playoff game in.

Snow was piled high after heavy equipment was brought in to remove the ice. The field was still unplayable when the teams arrived.

'Man, when we first got here, we didn't know if we were going to be able to get on the field,' said Gina Farmer, athletic director at Cedar Hill. 'There was still ice and snow all over the field, but it was a good day to be a Longhorn.'

The fans were allowed to use only one side of the stadium. On the sidelines, the cheerleaders were able to use portable heaters to stay warm, and the players did the same thing to fight the cold.

'You know, this morning when they were talking about that there was so much ice on the field, I was just... I wanted somebody to find a way, because we needed to get this game in,' said Cedar Hill head coach Joey McGuire.

Cedar Hill beat Denton Ryan 52-29, and will play Lake Travis next week in the semifinals.

And while it was cold, the only fire burning here was on the scoreboard at Apogee Stadium in Denton.


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