FRISCO Gun enthusiasts will have their first chance to visit the 43,000-square foot Frisco Gun Club this Friday, which leans more country club than gun range.

According to owner Christian Putman, that's the idea behind it.

'If you take a golf country club and then you take the golf out and substitute it with shooting and using firearms, that's really the concept here,' said Putnam.

Membership is already soaring. Before the doors opened, 2,300 people are locked and loaded and can call themselves members. Bob Langford is among those ranks and bought memberships for his two grandsons.

'It's unique,'said Langford.'It's certainly upscale from ranges before this.'

Everything about the club was designed with an upscale flair. VIP members have the option to visit a fine dining establishment and a bar. Anyone who has a drink won't be allowed back on the range.

There are another 30 shooting lanes for platinum members and the general public.

'There's really just incredible demand for this concept, especially in Frisco and the North Dallas area,' said Putnam.

The club has a rifle range, a gun shop and a full time gunsmith.

'We're going to reach people that would normally not come into a gun range,' said Earl Graves, the club's general manager.

Membership fees range from $225 for a regular membership to $7,500 for a family VIP membership. VIP members also pay monthly dues of $200 a month. The owner says he expects the first-of-its-kind concept to catch on.


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