McKINNEY Hundreds of classmates, friends, and family members held back tears as they held on to one another during a vigil Monday night for 17-year-old Cody Hensley, who was killed in a car crash early Sunday.

Many attending the event at McKinney North High School sobbed as they listened to stories about a teenage boy who got into mischief, but was a good, reliable friend.

'He was the first person to welcome me with open arms that's the type of person he was,' said one friend as he mustered the strength to speak. 'Never in a million years did I think when I stopped at that stoplight and waved 'Hi' to him when he was driving his truck that would be the last time I'd see him.'

Cody Hensley was a senior at McKinney North. He was killed in a 4 a.m. Sunday crash in Princeton that also killed friend Stephen Chaney, a senior at Princeton High.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. Seven teenagers were riding in the same small Mazda hatchback which had only five seat belts. Police said it is still unclear how many of them if any were buckled in.

A steady stream of friends spoke at the Monday night vigil, telling tales of time spent with Cody. Cody's father, Chris Hensley, spoke directly to his son's friends.

'Our family believes and knows Cody was strong in his faith, and I hope each of you can reach out and have that same strong faith that Cody had,' he said. 'I hope that you can take from this is that all you have, and all that you can ever leave behind, is the good you put on other people.'

Hensley told them he and his family feel the love and strength. He thanked the crowd, then told them: 'Grieve today, grieve tomorrow, and then just move on and be happy for what we had with Cody.'

He added this: 'We love him, you love him. He's in a better place, and we'll see him again.'

Another friend pointed to the sky and said, 'Keep an eye on me up there.'


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