TERRELL Ana Andrade unknowingly waited on an accused killer Monday night.

The server at the Taqueria Dos Aces Mexican restaurant in Terrell seated Charles Brownlow Jr. just minutes after police say he killed his mother and aunt.

He is seen on surveillance video at 9:47 p.m. wearing a T-shirt with the number '32' on the front and back.

When he was walking in, he's holding something under his shorts,' said restaurant manager Erick Fragoso. 'It could have been anything a knife, a gun or another weapon.'

'Whenever he gets to his table, he kind of tells the host, 'Is there anywhere else I can sit at?'' Fragoso said.

Andrade walked Brownlow to his table. She said he specifically asked for someone.

'You couldn't understand what he was saying. I remember he asked for somebody, and we told him they didn't work here,' she said.

Andrade said she's not sure who Brownlow was looking for, and said he appeared to be high or intoxicated.

'It looked like he was on something,' she said. 'His eyes were kind of red, and the way he talked, you just couldn't understand.'

Employees said the restaurant was packed with a volleyball team eating dinner. They believe that may be why he didn't shoot them.

'We're blessed that he didn't try something on us,' Fragoso said.

Thirty minutes after leaving the restaurant, his murder rampage continued. Three more people were shot and killed.

In court documents filed Wednesday, Terrell police said Brownlow tried to kill two more people during his alleged crime wave. The affidavit says Brownlow also stole beer from the convenience store where police say he killed 22-year-old Luis Leal.

Brownlow is being held without bond at the Kaufman County Jail.


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