Instagram is a social media network sharing service that was created to show off pictures. While Instagram has been around since its 2010 creation, it's now taking on more users and many are still learning how to use the service.

Instagram is a great way to catalog what's going on in your life. You can use pictures and video to log those moments. Instagram allows users to add digital filters and share photos and video with a variety of social networking sites.

Mastering Instagram is as simple as using Facebook or Twitter.

You have to download the Instagram app, which is free in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. An app for Windows also recently went live.

Once the account is created, users can begin using the service immediately.

It starts with a picture. Users can take a photo using the Instagram app or a picture can be pulled from the phone or tablet's photo gallery. The last button on the page can switch from snapping pictures to recording videos. The video feature allows for three to 15 seconds of video.

The next step is to find a filter that will enhance your photo. The filter feature is located at the bottom of the page. Everything from black and white to a Polaroid look are possible.

Instagram allows you to be a little artsy, even if you're not. Add a frame or brighten the picture or the last button allows you to tilt it just a smidge.

Hit that green arrow or next button at the top right of the page and on to the next step.

The next screen allows users to add a caption, tag people in the picture and map out your location.

The share feature is a great time saver. Link your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social network sites to the Instagram site.

The next button allows pictures to post to all the social media outlets with one push.

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