IRVING The Dallas Cowboys will play the Jacksonville Jaguars in London next season, the first time the team has been invited to play overseas in a regular season game.

The league made the announcement Thursday morning. Jacksonville and Dallas will be one of three games at London's Wembley Stadium next season. The two other games will include Atlanta against Detroit and Oakland playing Miami.

Owner Jerry Jones did not have to give up a home game for the Cowboys to go overseas Dallas will serve as the away team while Jacksonville will be the home side.

'It's pretty exciting,' head coach Jason Garrett said. 'The NFL is trying to get a presence over there and I think that's great for everybody. There is a world wide appeal of the National Football League and there is no better place than London, England.'

'Our fans in the U.K. continue to demonstrate their passion for more football,' NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. 'We look forward to continuing to respond to this interest in our game.'

Garrett was part of a preseason game played at Wembley Stadium in August of 1993.

'We did play a preseason game there many years ago,' Garrett said. 'It was a very memorable game. I think we played Detroit and if I'm not mistaken, the game ended in a tie.'

The final score was 13-13. Garrett says he's not sure what the biggest challenge will be having to play a regular season game overseas.

'I don't know that answer. I think you have to ask the teams that have been over there and we'll do that, the logistics of things,' he said. 'I know some teams go over early and others go over later. We'll have to work through those logistics in order to play your best.'

Asked about the playing field which is normally prepared for soccer, Garrett said: 'It's a pitch, they call it a pitch,' he said. 'It's Wembley Stadium for crying out loud, one of the great stadiums in the world.'

Dallas has played nine international games so far but all have been preseason games. Included on that list are two games in England, four in Mexico, two in Japan and one in Canada

'The Dallas Cowboys are used to playing a lot of interesting kinds of games,' Garrett said. 'That something we always preach to our players. These are opportunities. It's a great opportunity for our organization to go over and play and we'll do what we need to do to play our best.'

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