DALLAS Police said an exchange of gang signs were thrown between a group of Fort Worth residents and customers at an after-hours Dallas club before a fatal shooting not far from the business early Monday morning.

Authorities are searching for the shooter who opened fire upon a bus at about 4 a.m. as it exited the parking lot of Exposure Sports Cabaret, located in the 1800 block of Storey Lane in Dallas. The bus was carrying about 20 people who chartered the vehicle from Fort Worth to Dallas.

More than a dozen shots were fired out of a passing vehicle toward the bus before the suspect fled the scene.

'It was total chaos,' said R.W., the driver of the bus who didn't want his full name published. 'I wasn't going to stop driving.'

R.W. was able to drive the two injured in the shooting to UTSouthwestern Hospital in Dallas, where 28-year-old Kiethrick Raymond Taylor was pronounced dead. The second unidentified victim was transferred toParkland Hospital and is expected to survive.

Relatives said Taylor, a father of three, and the rest of the group were celebrating an upcoming wedding.

'Of course, everyone was excited,' said a relative. 'They rented the bus. They just planned to leave and have a good time. No one expected when he left the front door that this would be going on.'

While inside the club, tensions began to rise between groups.

'At some point, gang signs were flashed between the Fort Worth group and other patrons,' said Sr. Cpl. DeMarquis Black.

Police said Taylor and another man helped break up a fight before they left the club.

'I just ask the public to pray for each and everyone of us,' said a grieving relative before breaking into tears outside the hospital. 'Because we're going to need it.'

Police have not released a suspect or vehicle description.

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