DALLAS -- Students say it started with sirens going off in North Dallas High School right around 2 p.m. Friday.

DISD police made its biggest arrest of the year Friday, pulling a dozen students out of classes at the school in the 3100 block of N. Haskell Ave.

Adrian Guerrero was sitting in his art class when he says an officer walked into the classroom.

'He walked straight to the student, he said, 'Stand up and put your hands behind your back,'' Guerrero said. 'I was like, 'What?''

Twelve students were slowly escorted out of classrooms and put into police vans.

'It's so scary that it's so common now,' said one man, who came to pick up a girlfriend who is an educator.

Dallas ISD police say the 12 students will be facing a Class B misdemeanor charges. The arrest affidavits show that the 12 students were accused of 'riot participation.'

Police say they have been involved in gang fights.

'There's been fighting going on, and its just been instigating problems for the campus and campus administrators,' said DISD Police Chief Craig Miller.

'After school, before school, in school -- all day,' said David Salazar, a student at North Dallas High, describing the fighting.

Salazar showed us clips of the gang fights, often posted to YouTube. He said the fights happen in an alleyway near campus, or in the case of the YouTube clip he directed us to, Turtle Creek.

'They shouldn't have to worry about, 'When I get out of school am I going to have wind up fighting?'' said parent Mae Smith.

Police arrived on campus with 14 warrants but only executed 12. The chief says they know where the other two students live, and will be executing those warrants soon.


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