A Dallas police sergeant and a crime technician were fired on Thursday following disciplinary hearings with Chief David Brown, the department announced.

Sgt. Carlton Barnes and crime technician Dolly Chavarria were each terminated. Barnes, a 12-year veteran, was assigned to the Property Crimes Division. An internal investigation found that he failed to notify a homicide detective that he recognized a murder suspect from school.

Police spokesman Sgt. Warren Mitchell said Barnes went from Sept. 2011 to March 2013 without telling the detective that he knew the suspect. A fellow officer whom he did tell notified investigators.

In addition, Barnes was found to be untruthful in a sworn affidavit. He was charged with tampering with a governmental record due to that incident.

Meanwhile, Chavvarria applied for an extension of approved leave without pay. It was denied, but she failed to show up to work anyhow, Mitchell said. The six-year veteran was assigned to support services.

Both employees can appeal their firings.

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