DALLAS Near Cockrell Hill Road and Interstate 30 on Wednesday, a line of more than 200 motorists snaked around the Murphy Gas Station, their cars creating a loud hum that hung in the air for nearly two hours.

For the past three years, the Neighborhood Credit Union has given away free gas. This year, drivers flocked to the West Dallas gas station this morning in hopes of nabbing one of 200 $20 gas cards.

"Gas prices are on everybody's minds, said Carolyn Jordan, a vice president of Neighborhood Credit Union. Everybody likes to get a break from the high gas prices."

After getting word of the promotion, drivers flocked to the store and waited in long lines that stretched around the parking lot.

I was like, Oh my gosh!, said Amy Alvarez, who said she was stunned by all the drivers who shared her idea. There s all of these cars!

Motorists described a tense scene some of their like-minded denizens were accused of trying to cut in line. Dallas County sheriff's deputies were there to keep traffic moving and cool any tempers.

There were some cars trying to cut, people were honking, Alvarez said.

No one was arrested and a sheriff's deputy said people remained calm.

The giveaway totaled $4,000 and was part of a nationwide campaign to promote the credit union s brand.


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