FRISCO It's no secret that Frisco has experienced explosive growth. That creates a need for more electricity.

Everyone understands that.

But what many people don't understand is why there's a plan to put high-voltage power lines right behind their homes.

Brazos Electric Cooperative has proposed several routes, including one down Stonebrook Parkway near several neighborhoods. It would run right behind the Pearson Farms subdivision, where neighbors are worried and preparing to fight.

Frisco needs more power to meet the growing demand over the next decade. Brazos wants to erect a row of giant, single poles up to four miles long from near Lewisville Lake to the Dallas North Tollway.

"We are very concerned about the health implications from the electromagnetic field," said Kendall Meade, the Pearson Farms HOA president. "That's our number-one issue."

Frisco Planning and Zoning commissioner Bobby Roberti said if the lines go up, home values along the route will go down.

"That's lost revenue for the city," Roberti said. "I know the power is needed, but there are other routes that I think would be much more efficient."

State Rep. Pat Fallon, a former Frisco City Council member, said cities in Texas often have a hard time trying to stop utilities like Brazos from putting in the transmission lines where they want.

"The city has an ordinance where these kinds of lines have to be buried," Fallon said. "Unfortunately, that ordinance can be ignored by state laws."

A public hearing on the proposed Stonebrook project will be held Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 at the Frisco Heritage Statement. Frisco Mayor Maher Maso is urging anyone with concerns to attend.


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