FORT WORTH -- Some employees and vendors of the Fort Worth Cats baseball team are calling foul, even though the Cats season is over.

They say they haven't been paid.

"My last paycheck, I took it to the bank Tuesday afternoon and it would not clear," said first base coach Mike Ford.

News 8 has talked to three other players whose checks either bounced or who say they're weren't paid under their contracts.

The Cats have a checkered financial history. Two years ago, the La Grave field, where the club plays, went into bankruptcy. The club was purchased by a group led by former congressman John Bryant.

When the Cats signed Jose Canseco for a few days this summer, he demanded his $12,000 payment in cash. Ron MonDragon, who then worked for the team, picked Canseco up at the airport.

"He wouldn't get in the car unless we paid him cash money," MonDragon said. "It was difficult for me, knowing I was owed money [by the club.]"

MonDragon said the Cats deducted child support payments from his paycheck, but did not deposit the money. He said he quit over the issue.

The team says he was fired.

Tony LaFarga said the Cats owe him $21,000 for cleaning the stadium.

Cats general partner John Bryant said the dispute has been settled. LaFarga said it hasn't.

Cowtown Charters said the Cats owe them $7,000. Bryant said the amount is disputed, "which is part of running any business."

Cowtown said the $7,000 has been unpaid for two months.

And there's $40,000 bill from Brett Brothers, an equipment supplier, for thousands of baseballs.

Bryant said the baseballs were "defective." Reuben Rice, Brett Brothers representative, said the baseballs were exactly what the Cats ordered, and that the word "defective" has never come up, until now. The bill has been outstanding since last year.

Bryant said the club owes New Balance $7,000 for uniforms.

So while the season's over for fans, for players and vendors, it won't be over until they get paid.

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