DALLAS -- Legends Hospitality and the newly-renamed AT&T Stadium are using these ingredients grown and harvested at the WE over ME Farm at Paul Quinn College.

"It's going to be picked today, and used this afternoon -- it doesn't get fresher than that," said AT&T Stadium Executive Chef Orazio LaManna.

Recipes for the Cowboys' menu depends, in part, on what's thriving here. Ironically, the land is the old football stadium at Paul Quinn.

George Wasai played ball here, and has been the Cowboys food manager for 23 years. He knew the land from running plays, and now it's for harvesting a healthier choice.

"If you are not going to play football on the beautiful soil like this, make use of it," Wasai said.

"When I tell people our largest client is Legends food and the Cowboys, they think I'm making it up," said Michael Sorrell, the President of Paul Quinn College.

And that's just the bonus.

Paul Quinn College students originally set out to address affordable, healthy food choices in struggling parts of Dallas.

"Where else can you look around and say, 'How can we solve the problems we are faced with? We can create our own garden,'" Sorrell said.

A garden he calls the "organic field of dreams," modeled after Yale University's sustainable food project.

"There is nothing that chefs want to do more than produce fresh food, and knowing where it is coming from," Orazio said.


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