DALLAS -- The NAACP, business leaders, and even a Dallas County commissioner have all publicly weighed in on the job Dallas ISD Superintendent Mike Miles has done so far.

Strangely absent from the discussion are the board members who brought him to town.

Thursday, surrounded by the board who hired him, Miles talked about his principal evaluation system. It's one of his proposed reforms that has come under fire.

The question has been raised several times; what s fair in regard to principal evaluations? Miles said as he began an overview of the system at the regularly-scheduled board briefing.

The question of fairness has also been raised in regard to evaluating Miles himself lately.

Wednesday, the Dallas Chapter of the NAACP called for his removal. President Juanita Wallace held a news conference outside DISD headquarters.

Trustees, cut your loss," she said. "Admit you made another mistake.

Not one member of the board of trustees has come forward publicly expressing support for the superintendent. They have refused or not responded to requests for interviews.

News 8 caught up with board president Dr. Lew Blackburn before Thursday s meeting. He was asked about the recent controversy surrounding Miles. Smiling, he said he did not have time for an interview.

What s going on with Miles? Blackburn asked.

News 8 reminded him about the letters written last week by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and members of Dallas Achieves. He was also asked about the NAACP s news conference and rally outside DISD headquarters Wednesday.

They had a rally? Blackburn asked, before walking away.

News 8 also tried to speak with District 9 trustee Bernadette Nutall, who said she had heard about the NAACP s call, but needed to read up on it.

I m neutral, she said. I don t have a stance one way or the other.

LULAC District 3's Rene Martinez spoke out in favor of Miles principal evaluation system at Thursday s meeting. He also said it s too early for talk about removing Miles.

We re not about job creation, we re about student achievement," Martinez said. "With all due respect to the NAACP, we disagree on this issue.

While LULAC, the NAACP, and others have made it clear where they stand on the embattled superintendent, the level of support Miles has from the board of trustees is not so transparent.


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