DUNCANVILLE -- The principal of Duncanville High School met with both the student and teacher in the classroom video that went viral this week separately Thursday.

There was no further action taken on sophomore Jeff Bliss, but the teacher was placed on administrative leave, while the principal continues his investigation.

The rant's been seen around around the world. What hasn't been seen is what lead up to it.

"Teachers endure this kind of disrespect all the time," said retired Duncanville teacher Bob Harrison.

Harrison is angry. He's having a difficult time understanding how administrators allowed Jeff Bliss to return to his class.

"Teachers see that and they think, 'What am I doing putting up with this every day, and putting up with the kids?'" Harrison said. "'And if I confront them, who knows, the next day, I'll be put on leave for a day or two.'"

Bliss, who appeared on Daybreak Thursday morning, said he has no regrets about his 84-second rant.

"I did show aggression," he said. "At the same time, I believe it was a positive aggression. If I was calmer, it could have made even more of an impact."

Harrison,a 40-year teaching veteran who spent 18 years at Duncanville schools, said teachers have a hard enough time gaining respect. He said the incident and the district's reaction send the wrong message to teachers and students.

The world history teacher in the video will be paid while she's on leave. There's no word on how long the investigation will take, though district officials don't expect it to take long.


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