FORTWORTH - North Texanscan now leavecars in park with a new way of getting aroundFort Worth.

On Monday, the citycelebrated Earth Daylaunchingthe first bike sharing program in North Texas called "The Fort Worth B-Cycle."

The new and environmentally friendly initiative will consist of 300 trek bikes and 30 docking stations across Fort Worth. The docking stations will be located throughout downtown, Southside and the Cultural District.

Run by the non-profit organization Fort Worth Bike Sharing, the new system hopes to bring commuters and visitors an easy and green way to get short distances around the city.

The bike sharing initiative will act like a "Red Box Rental." You will be able to check out a bike at one of the 30 docking stations and ride it to another station around the city. Many of the stations are no more than 30 minutes apart.

The bike sharing initiative started within the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. In 2012, The T received a$1 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration to purchase the equipment to launch The Fort Worth B-Cycle.

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