D/FW AIRPORT -- The Boston manhunt Friday left travelers nervous, as well as North Texans who are in the Boston area.

Call it two-way anxiety.

People going from D/FW to Boston weren't sure what to expect when they arrived. Travelers coming here from Boston described the mood at Logan International Airport as somber and tense.

Elise Saab is a Harvard student from Dallas. She lives a block-and-a-half from where the second bomb exploded Monday. Friday, she and her neighbors were on lockdown by order of the Massachusetts governor.

"Everyone is very fearful," Saab said. "They're very concerned and that's why we're staying inside. We're just not taking this lightly."

At D/FW Airport, the arrival of Flight 1897 from Boston brought dozens of anxious passengers, who described the mood at Logan International as surreal.

"It's getting tense right now," said Spaulding Anderson, who just arrived from Boston. "Everybody's on edge."

Several modes of transportation in Boston, including subways and taxis, were shut down. Late Friday afternoon, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said mass transit service is resuming in Boston, even though one bombing suspect is still on the lam.

"It was very scary, said Mark Doyle, another Boston to D/FW passenger. "There are very few people on the street. There's little traffic going to the airport."

Former Bostonian Caroline Jackson, who returned home to Dallas, said the city-wide lockdown was unlike anything she had seen.

"I don't think that ever happened in the entire time I lived there," Jackson said. "So it's really frightening."

Elise Saab told us she even though she lives so close to the bombing scene, she felt safe.

"We've had patrolmen, agents and everything else ever since Monday," she said.


Information from the Associated Press was used in this report

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