GRAND PRAIRIE Some beavers have found a new home in North Texas, right outside Ronald Reagan Middle School in Grand Prairie. That's where they have built their dams.

"It was really cool to see that the beavers could do all that on their own just with their families," said student Sloan Ansley.

But the rodent construction clogged up the creek and flooded part of the outdoor learning center at the school.

Rather than expel the beavers, the school partnered with a group called 911 Wildlife to install a "beaver deceiver."

"The way it works is, they put a pipe on the front of it, and they put a cage on the front of it to trap the debris, and the water flows right down the middle of it, but it keeps the dam intact," explained sixth grade science teacher Lenora Tygart.

Students and teachers in the outdoor learning center at Reagan will now learn how to maintain the contraptions to make sure the beavers don't undo their water control solution.

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